Englewood Recreation Center


What you can expect:
  • Wellness Classes ( i.e. cardio and circuit training, injury prevention)
  • Health Fairs (i.e. fitness testing, flexibility training)
  • Workshops (i.e. stress management, nutrition, weight loss)

Current Schedule:

Monday at 6:00 pm – Ultimate Fitness
Tuesday at 10:00 am – FUNctional FITness
Wednesday at 6:00 pm – Burn and Build
Thursday at 10:00 am – Balance, Core & More

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This Program addresses how you can turn your fitness facility into a bona fide wellness center and a focus on we can help your property and residents experience better value. Tetro Performance can provide your residents with access to top professionals in the fitness industry and elite medical partners.

What we provide: Top certified, insured and educated personal trainers, medical professional partners, online training options, regulate and standardize current trainers, health coaches, wellness seminars/workshops, and group exercises classes.

The Zone: Class Descriptions

Introduction to Functional Training

This class is designed to introduce the building blocks of functional training and help you manage the physical challenges of your day. You will be safely challenged at your experience level and coached through basic and fun movements.

Burn and Build

A fat burning, confidence boosting and sweat pouring good time.  A high tempo workout tailored to those looking for lean muscle and a challenge. Whether you are training for a marathon or trimming up for beach season Build and Burn will leave you feeling good about the hard work you put in and the results you achieved. This class is perfect for a beginner but may fit any skill level.

HIIT Bootcamp

A step above Build and Burn with shorter rest times and intermediate movements. Those in HIIT Bootcamp will learn to work as a team to complete missions while racing the clock. This High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) course will have you cheering on your teammates and pushing your limits to win the day. Perfect for the fit person who wants to take it to the next level.

Ultimate Fitness

For the athlete looking to reach their peak of fitness.  This high intensity, low rest workout focuses on cardiovascular endurance coupled with muscular strength through advanced compound movements.  It is you against the world, pushing your limits farther beyond what you thought possible.  A former U.S. Marine will be your guide on this mission. This is an advanced level class.

Kettlebells and Bodyweight

This class focuses on kettlebell work combined with bodyweight based exercises. You will have no choice but to improve balance, strength, and mobility.  This is not a mainstream training program. This class yields extraordinary results

Sports Explosion

This class will provide functional and skill/sport specific training to improve strength, speed, power, flexibility and overall conditioning. The class is available to all fitness levels and abilities. Each class addresses functional warm-ups, skill building exercises, and a refreshing cool-down.


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