Online Training


Online Training

What you can expect: 
  • Initial phone conversation with your coach to collect important data.
  • A weekly customized fitness workout program
  • An agreed upon weekly or bi weekly conversation with your coach
  • Motivation through methodology that fits your specific needs
  • Education designed for your goals
  • Accountability through agreed upon interaction

Semi – custom program

What you can expect:
  • A weekly customized pre-desgined fitness workout program that fits your goals and needs
  • Motivation and accountability within an agreed upon weekly conversation

Accountability Program

What you can expect:
  • Client arranges their own workouts
  • Coaches track your activity electronically
  • Motivation and accountability through agreed upon interaction
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Tetro Performance online clients receive comprehensive and personalized workouts delivered right to their email inbox. After a careful and honest evaluation of exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, and medical history, your Tetro Performance coach will develop and send to you each week via email customized, printable, cardio, stretching, and exercise recommendations.

Each exercise will include specific details and instructions, including duration, frequency, technique, speed, distance, incline, resistance level, number of reps, number of sets, etc. In addition to still pictures, online video demonstrations are also available. Warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretches are provided.


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