Active Older Adults (55+)

Achieve success at any age


*** Due to the proprietary content, and the personalization, of the programs and services we are offering to corporate clients, we can only provide more information through direct inquiry. Contact us for more information. ***

We have helped ease the concern and apprehension of countless baby boomers looking to begin a fitness program by offering workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels.

By simplifying the overall workout process, Tetro Performance wellness coaches have put together a safe and effective program that allows for individualized, thoughtful attention. This program is available on an individual and group basis and can take place at our facility or at the location of your choice (groups only).

Active Older Adults (55+)

What you can expect:
  • Personal Training
  • Wellness Classes (i.e.  balance class, strength and flexibility classes)
  • Health Fairs (i.e. injury prevention and fall prevention)
  • Workshops (i.e. weight loss and healthy eating)

At Tetro Performance, we take the catch-phrase “Active Adults” to a whole new level.

Our Clients

St. Andrew’s Village (Aurora, CO)
Garden Plaza (Aurora, CO)
Heritage Todd Creek (Brighton, CO)
Vita Flats (Denver, CO)
MorningStar Senior Living (Littleton, CO)
Heather Gardens (Aurora, CO)