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Iris Hoehl

A fantastic coach and a better mentor!!
“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, Coach T will give you what you need"????

Megan Cicchetti

I have never had such great customer service! Everyone at Tetro Performance has taken the time to help me in every possible way! The class at the Englewood Rec Center is so much fun and I highly recommend it for anyone with any skill level. Thank you for all that you do Tetro Performance!

Chris Razzo

Great instructors and excellent customer service! I've brought multiple friends and family to the classes, and they get a great workout every time!

Warren Cherry

Absolutely the finest physical trainer I've worked in all the years of my body building work! 

Austin Rogers

Tetro Performance goes above and beyond your "typical personal trainer". They listen and give you accountability to your everyday exercising needs. Such an awesome company! 

Jennifer Bater

Tetro Performance provides excellent personal training services that include not just a wonderful work-out developed to meet your needs and ability but also thoughtful wellness coaching and advice. I highly recommend Tetro Performance.